The Arsene Way 1.0

What is the Arsene/Arsenal Philosophy or strategy, when we talk about it their is a lot that springs to mind, here I shall out line the key rules I shall be following throughout my time at Arsenal 1. We promote youth progression What I mean by this is we will work hard to bring youth […]

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Doing it the Arsene Way

I have decided to step up a level in my writing skills, no more rushed, simple updates, time to unleash what i am actually capable of, and to do this i have returned to my boyhood cub, the team of my dreams, Arsenal. I wanted to write a piece about team philosophy, i have seen […]

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The Arsene Way 1.1

Here we have it then, leagues loaded game up and running, time to bring you day one of my Arsenal Philosophy. I have chosen the only man I could even begin to think of to follow on Le Professors job… Welcome back to the Emirates Senior Henry, the saviour returns. So as i mentioned my […]

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