Ipswich Revolution – Ground Zero

Finally I am able to begin this story in earnest, Jacob O’Sullivan takes the hot seat for the tractor boys, we’ll have a look at how I approach the game before we hit the continue button even once.

As we can see Ipswich are a team with a proud history, not many clubs have a top flight title and a European title, it has been far too long for them out of the top flight though, most famous managers being Sir Alf Ramsey and Sir Bobby Robson, hopefully i can do their legacy proud.
I’ve seen people talk about their most important starting points being the staff and the 3 years plans and blah blah, for me there is but one place to start, KEEPING YOUR JOB. That may sound pretty damn obvious, but the main factor in that is do you have a squad that can meet the boards targets. Now at Ipswich our target is a safe mid-table position, so we will take a look at the squad and see how best to play with them, and if we need to fill any gaps.


Dean and Bart are not to far away in quality levels, both should be adaquate for the season objectives, anything more long term than this will be judge on performance levels this year, scouts will spend the season looking for improvements in this position.


In defence I’m more than happy with the quality Berra Smith Chambers and Knudsen look to be the starters Digby will be back up as he is more comfortable in midfield, Joshua will probably be loaned out or moved into the reserves as he is 3rd choice but young. Only real danger I see here is the lack of cover at left back, I will spend pre-season looking at youth to fill this role and looking at cheap signings


With the loan additions already here we have a mass of quality in the middle of the park, we will thus look for formations with and overload in midfield, all should get game time, Jonathon will probably be played the least as he is aging but will be used as cover.


Mcgoldrick Murphy and Pitman will rotate a single striking role, Toure will be retrained as a right midfielder Luke will probably be sold in Jan when his is fit

So looking forwards my only slight concern is left back and maybe a lack of a quality keeper, I shall look for a left back but give everything else a chance, that then moves us on to tactics…

One of my favourite parts now, I’ve design 2 main tactics based loosely around the single and double pivot ideas. Both are aimed at keeping possession, the 4411 is aimed as being more defensive, while the 4141 is more offensive. Both are set to standard and very fluid. We will aim to press teams and recycle possesion. Once these tactics are refined I shall do a sole post dedicated to how they work.

Lastly this brings me on too the staff

Scouting Team

Coaching Team

Physio Team

We basically have no scouting team right now, so firstly we will be looking to increase this. We could do with some first team coaches as again we have none, I’ve also submitted a request for extra physics to which the club have granted me an extra slot

Now based on what I’ve seen I will outline my goals

Short term (1 year) – stay in the job achieve board goals

Medium term (1-2 years) – look to recruit players matching my chosen style more

Long term (2-3 years) – reach the prem

That’s all for my first day, next I will cover pre-season and any changes to my outlooks and overviews.

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