As you may have guessed in my last post I’m a massive Arsenal fan, so I wanted to take up some space to say farewell and goodbye to 3 players who I have grown too love but are sadly leaving the club at the end of this season. Rosicky Flamini and Arteta are all out of contract this summer and all 3 have come to summarise what Arsenal has been for the past 3 years. Rosicky arrived with an air of promise, numerous injuries over his years has stall what should have been a glittering career, still he did enough time and again to really make the fans love him. Arteta and Flamini epitomise Arsenal through the stadium years, budget players capable of doing a job at the highest level, never likely to light up the world but proffesional and passionate for the cause. 
In these 3 we lose a lot of experience, but they have left us with so many memories, thank you gentlemen for helping my love my club even more than I did already. Arsenal will always hold you close to its heart, as I’m sure you will hold it to yours

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