Welcome to London

Welcome to Granit Xhaka.
Now I’ve decided to write about this soon to be confirmed signing, not because I think single handily he’s going to help win us the league, but because it marks the sign of something I haven’t seen with Arsenal transfer dealings for a long time, and it’s something the media haven’t picked up on yet (shocking I know with all the anti-Arsenal media) that is we have completed or will complete a transfer before the window opens. 

Now I hear you ask why that is so significant, the reason is that we are conducting business early, it shows planning and intelligence we haven’t shown in the market for a long time, it also shows intent. As a team retaining their manager this off-season it is important we take hold of the market, as clubs without managers in place will not be ready to move in the market until managers feet are under the table. Now if we signed a centre back and a sticker before the Euros kick off then I could be a very happy man.

The o let other bit of business I believe we need to really complete is deciding the fate of one Theo Walcott, he has been a great servant to the club, but I think both have reached a point where they need to look at other options, Theo needs to play week in week out, and Arsenal need a dependable striker to challenge and push Giroud to his best.
For those wondering I’ve skipped past pre-season with Ipswich but I am close to the season end. This means a whole season update somewhere on the middle of next week
Peace and love

2 thoughts on “Welcome to London

    1. Fingers crossed. It should get confirmed before the Euros start which is early enough for me, I’m starting to worry that we won’t look for a striker after some recent comments by Wenger, he has basically confirmed Giroud is our starting striker and we need to learn to live with his sporadic form


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