Ipswich Revolution – End of Year Report

Well it’s been a long time coming but I have finally reached the end of the season with Ipswich and my its been a roller coaster of a year, as it’s been awhile since I posted about this save we’love do a little re-cap of my aims.

So I’m looking to create a possesion based team whilst returning Ipswich to its former glories and European highs, I lean towards Pep style football, my goals for the first year was to start building the tactic and framework for the future whilst remaining in the job, so we’ll take a look at home we performed in each competition then

Capital One Cup

Nothing major to report here early rounds came and went while the team were still getting used to the tactic, so when we came up against and organised Wigan side we struggled to break them down and ultimately ended up losing on penalties, was hoping for a bit of a better showing here but oh well.


So as you can see from the opening few months the team struggled with the new style of play, low point was dropping down to 19th at which point I started to question if I was diving in the deep end and wondered if I should ease my team into this philosophy a bit more, the 3-0 away to Reading in front of the cameras made me feel we could achieve our aims though, so on we carried

The busy festive season saw a much better run of results, we were starting to dominate teams and really take control of games

The last few months showed me that we really need a quality striker, we struggled for goals and couldn’t really trouble teams enough because of this, we did enough though and our impressive performances saw us enter the playoffs against MK Dons…

First leg saw us come back from being a goal down at half time, all thanks the genius of loan addition Tom Carroll and our star player Freddie Sears. Securing the first leg lead was key as we were a team that played better against an opposition who had to attack us, I feared losing would lead to some solid defending where we could struggle. As predicted then…

Goals from Freddie and youth sensation Monty Patterson saw us through to the play off final against Cardiff, 1 game away from the promised land, one amazing day out a Wembley 

There it is, what an end to the season and one which dramatically changes my plans for the coming season, Freddie had a tough day at Wembley but his performances got us there and he will be key for us next year. A couple more picture to show we did keep to the philosophy

Best possesion and pass completion in the league, I can imagine this will change a lot next season…

Fans agree and make Freddie the player of the season

These 4 will be important in the Prem, they have been all round key players in our performance this year, Freddie has bagged a number of key goals, while Knudsen, Chambers and Bart have been key to keeping us tight at the back

FA Cup

Not to be forgotten about is the FA Cup…

What can I say, we beat strong Man City and Liverpool line ups struggled through against Colchester and beat Leicester at the second attempt all amazing and nerve racking days out, that setup a semi against Southampton, so another day out at Wembley

If I thought any other game was nerve wracking… A last minute equaliser (a stunning goal which was our goal of the season!!) saw us go to penalties and come from behind to win, an FA Cup final against Man Utd. What an achievement from an amazing team.

Well, the stats should show you just how we managed to pull off this result, we got and early penalty and then we defended for our lives! Bart and Tommy have played blinders and landed us in Europe for the new season! Straight in at the group stage as well!!

This year has seen me complete my 3 year plan in just 1 season, moving forwards our new second year aim will be to stay in the Prem while making the most of our Euro adventure. In my next post I will cover the whole of my pre-season for our Prem adventure.

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