Ipswich Revolution – Apologies

Sadly this isn’t a new update on my Ipswich save, but what it is, is an apology at my lack of content recently, my daughter recently turned two and this takes way more planning than I wanted it too, on top of that I have watched and analysed pretty much every Euros game so far so as to place my bets on the winner at this stage when the odds are still decent, I place a bet at the beginning and one now; larger money on the one I place now. Ironically both bets are on the same team… Croatia to win the Euros, you heard it here first (probably not first as Wenger called it early) basically I’ve been playing FM just rather slowly, I’m going to finish this season with Ipswich and take a minor break so as to focus on a Pentagon challenge I’m about to begin and write about, I like to have a couple of saves running so I can vary my game time, thanks to everyone that’s still with me and reading my really poor writing, I promise to have something for you soon

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