Ipswich Revolution – End of Season 2

Right, so i lost a bit of my love for this save recently, hence the slump in updates, this end of season update will probably reveal why, i think its easy to get to a point within a save where you feel you’re ideas are not working properly, an you’re finding it hard to get answers to the tactical problems, well i definitely got that and as a result i dont have a host of pictures to show you, but i’ll do what i can with the limited resources i left myself.


Ipswich Town_  Transfer History

we had a slump with winger in the middle of the season, Bahouli and Sears weren’t firing and we had limited options outside of this, so when Jesse became available we snapped him up, a young technical winger who can play outside or inside the wide areas, De Paul is a very talented left sided midfielder who shares nationality with Araujo, hopefully the Argentinia connection will form a great bond and help us moving forwards.

I wanted to increase the technical ability of our defensive duo so again when i saw united getting rid of youth products under Mourinho (I know, no surprise there) McNair was an easy decision he’s young hungry and knows how to pass a ball.

Final January signing was a young Jack Wilshere, Arsenal listed him so we picked him up on the cheap, now i dont expect any of these signings to make a massive difference to our season, we should stay up regardless and they will help build us up to a next level team next year.

Premier League

Ipswich Town_  Senior Fixtures

Just look at those results, it was enough to keep us in the league, and keep us above the bottom quarter, but it was soul destroying. I took a step back, and as a team that got a surprise promotion, and played European football maybe this wasn’t the worst season that we could of had, im glad we’re still in the Prem and we will look to build on our performance next season.

Barclays Premier League_ Overview StagesIpswich Town_ History Best Eleven-2

Also i want to welcome you all to the real Jacob O’Sullivan and a big thank you to http://www.volksrepublikfussball.com for this…


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