Ipswich Revolution – 3.2 Half Season Report

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So we are offically at the half way point, (Jan 1) and its time to catch up and find out how we are doing before we talk too much about Ipswich i want to update with whats been happening to me…

Jacob O'Sullivan_  InboxJacob O'Sullivan_  Inbox-3Jacob O'Sullivan_  Inbox-2Jacob O'Sullivan_  Inbox-4

So due to starting the season in a positive fashion and what ive done in the past couple of years Everton came in to ask me to have a chat about there avaliable position, i dont think i would have taken the job if offered but it has scared Ipswich into offering me another contract, i accept and decide to stay with the club for the long term. I would quite honestly consider taking a position at a big club, even abroad but i wouldnt actively seek out a job, it’s all Ipswich for now.

Capital One Cup

Ipswich Town_  Senior Fixtures1

A better showing this time around, but again not a tournament i take too seriously, i alow game time for players that will start moaning if they dont play. This in the future will be where i play lots of youth players, if we ever start producing them…

The Premiership

Ipswich Town_  Senior Fixtures

Hudderfield, they have beaten us twice, and really we have battered them twice, this must be my new bogey team, we cannot seem to score past them at all. All in all though we have had a good season so far. We beat Man City and drew at the Emirates i dont think anything stands ut more than those two results, this ultimately leaves us in 9th place at the moment but we are only 3 points away from 5th place, so had we actually scored against Huddersfield and won the game we would be in 5th place right now, hopefully we can keep this form going and have a strong finish to the season.

Stand out players so far are De Paul, Sears, Olivier and Wilshere, basically our midfield is playing at a very high level so far, im glad that Sears has come on again this season, he was a stand out player in the first year, and dropped off last year. Danny Ings had a fantastic start to the season and was bagging goals for fun, although now our strikers have dried up, added to that Araujo has been injured all season, we need to start finding the goals to try and push on for a sneaky Europa League place. Until next time people i’ll leave you with a few shots of our star midfield

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