Doing it the Arsene Way

I have decided to step up a level in my writing skills, no more rushed, simple updates, time to unleash what i am actually capable of, and to do this i have returned to my boyhood cub, the team of my dreams, Arsenal.

I wanted to write a piece about team philosophy, i have seen many well written and thought out pieces covering what it takes to create a team that plays a certain style of football, through the whole structure, bringing players through that play the same way, im going to hopefully take this to a new level, with little bits i have picked up through either playing or taking advice from other players, im going to go full Wenger on Arsenal, im going to control everything down to when my under 5’s are allowed a toilet break. This first post will bring you some of that philosophy and talk about how i want to make the club look and feel, then my subsiqent posts will deal with how i impliment that broken down into each area.

First decision that i know im going to have to make is what i am going to do about the legend himself, Arsene can be kept on as a DoF or he can be let go, now with the fact i want to build on what he has create at Arsenal i will of course be keeping him around, i dont tend to use DoF’s for anything but i like to have the mental idea that he is looking down on everything i do, kind of like this…..arsene_wenger_1471961cwhich incidentally makes me happy as i then think of this…download

Day One Action Plan

Anyone who has run their own business or incidentally run someone elses business will know that when you walk through those doors on day one, you need a plan of action, this plan of action will be the foundation of everything you want to achieve in your time within your role. That is what day one is going to be about for me, assesing what we have and laying foudations for what i want to achieve.

Firstly i will be to assessing the staff at the club, we will cut loose anyone who i dont feel meets my demands for there respective role, again i shall go more in depth in this when i start doing the job. After this we will then look at the staffing market and outline new members of staff to take their place, no messing here as i want them in place as soon as possible.

After the staff have been sorted out and contracts offered to new staff i wil look at our tactical plan for the season, Arsene is very rigid with this, he has one formation he plays and he fits players into this formation, the way we play is pretty much the same week in week out, with only a couple of differences ever coming, i can think mainly of the Man City win. So we will build one system that is based upon the Arsenal principles, more on this in the tactical update, i will also talk abouthow similar this team is to the invincibles team just lacking in a bit of quality.

Once we have a system we can then look at the players and how they fit into this, this is liely to be my biggest update, i will go into detail about club DNA, and take that a step further to talk about positional DNA. All players will be assesed on club DNA as well as then the DNA needed to be successful at their chosen position. I will be keeping track of al of these details on a 3 monthly basis, i have also taken a recent interest in weight levels of players and im interested on how this changes within game, so i will be tracking these aswell. Training plans for team and individuals based around the 3 monthly tracker, to increase ability within a chosen role and position

Lastly i will be building my scouting assignments, choosing everything manually, i tend to find that scouts return better findings when they are timed as opposed to when they are constantly in the same country. This will also cover what my transfer philosophy will be for the save.

I will be getting this all underway this evening, so as to not keep this waiting to long, i shall revisit Ipswich from time to time, but i need something with a bit more substance to keep me entertained in a save


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