The Arsene Way 1.0

What is the Arsene/Arsenal Philosophy or strategy, when we talk about it their is a lot that springs to mind, here I shall out line the key rules I shall be following throughout my time at Arsenal
1. We promote youth progression

What I mean by this is we will work hard to bring youth up through the age groups and when ready, give them first team experience.

2. Our transfer spend will be at a minimum

Now this doesn’t mean we don’t spend money, let me get that straight, but we will aim to make money where we can in the transfer windows
3. We will never buy & stunt youth growth

There maybe a world class striker on the market, but if it stops one of our young players coming through, we dont go ahead with the transfer
4. Attractive Football

We will always play an attractive attacking kind of football, our fans pay to watch quality football, and that is what we will give them
5. Arsene’s youth project continued…

Wenger had a dream, he wanted a first team Arsenal that he had raised himself from youth level and nurtured into an elite winning team, sadly loyalty was a thing of the past and most moved on for modest sums, I intend to fulfil that dream

6. Destiny

The only thing missing from the invincibles era was that elusive champions league win, this isn’t as much of a philosophy as just completing Wengers destiny, we will win the champions league

Everything I do within the game will be based around these rules, I hope you will come and follow me on my journey, after the France v Germany game I will be posting my first update, hopefully some of you will take something from this journey


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