The Arsene Way 1.1

Here we have it then, leagues loaded game up and running, time to bring you day one of my Arsenal Philosophy. I have chosen the only man I could even begin to think of to follow on Le Professors job…

Thierry Henry_  Inbox

Welcome back to the Emirates Senior Henry, the saviour returns.

So as i mentioned my first job would be to go through the coaching staff and assess them for my needs, i like to have a determined bunch of specialists, i tried to get Steve Bould to stay around as a coach, but he wanted silly money so we cut him loose as well, here is the list of the people i kept around…

Arsenal_ Overview Coaching Team

As I said, I tried to keep Bould around but the stubborn f*** wanted too much money, one addition to this is bringing Keown in to sort out our defence, instead of being a lazy arse part-time scout

Arsenal_ Overview Medical Team

For years i think our physio and fitness department has been a joke, so almost a total revamp here, i trust Colin Lewin to run the ship still

Arsenal_ Overview Scouting & Transfers Team

The scouting team wasn’t as bad as i thought, a few additions in there and i reckon we will have a fantastic start at knowing world football and looking for future talents.

I obviously then went into the market for new staff, coaching and physio’s taking up most of my time, looking for the most determined men i could find to breed the right culture at the club. I’ve also done away with the u21’s and u18’s management structure, after the friendlies i shall be picking the squads and the relevant assistants will run the matches. I outlined all the staff i wanted on day one, and negotiated salaries for them, so here is the totally revamped Arsenal staff

I believe we have a structure set up here to help me fulfil my goals, I wont be making mass changes to this structure and will now aim to keep the continuity started here that will echo throughout my team.

Next up is looking at my tactical philosophy, everyone knows Arsenal like to play a form of attacking possession football, so basically with that in mind I have created a base template for my tactic, i will spend pre-season refining this to play as i would like it too, i will cover this progression in another piece, for now we just have the base template for what i think would be a good starting point

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With our play focusing on how we attack, and the fact the I believe most teams we play will sit back and soak up the pressure we will put on them, I want my team focusing early on attacking movement, Fitness will obviously be our main focus throughout pre-season, this will then adept to monthly focuses of Attacking, Defending and Ball Control.

Arsenal_  Team

Lets take a look at our pre-season schedule, we have a training camp in Hong Kong, where at the end we will play Swansea to see how our fitness training has gone, we then move into some quiet simple fixtures before ramping up the competition before we face off against Chelsea in the Community Shield. This season has seen us take a break from the Emirates Cup, but rest assured we will be brining this back in to force next season.

Arsenal_  Senior Fixtures

Next up will be a Summary of our Scouting network, like i said in my previous post, i will be taking full control of our scouting assignments, so as to search in what i consider to be the best nations to scout for current and future talent. Here are the relevant jobs for my scouts:-

Norbert Ziegler – Next Opposition

Steve Rowley – England 12 months + in-depth analysis on potential targets

Jurgen Kost – Germany 12 months

Gilles Grimandi – France 12 months

Luis Boa-Morte – Spain 9 months & Portugal 3 months

Peter Clark – Holland & Belgium 6 months each

Francis Cagigao – Switzerland & Austria 6 months & Italy 6 months

Tony Banfield – Denmark, Finland & Iceland 6 months & Sweden & Norway 6 months

Bobby Bennett – Russia, Ukraine, Romania & Poland 12 months

Bojan Krkic – Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary & Croatia 12 months

Aurelio Pereira – Serbia, Turkey, Cyprus & Greece 12 months

Everton Gushiken – Brazil & Argentina 6 months & Uruguay, Chile & Colombia 6 months

Daniel Karbassiyoon – USA & Mexico 12 months

Manfred Linzmaier – S.Korea, Japan, China & Australia 12 months

Joe McLaughlin – Africa 12 months

All of my scouts are set to look for players 25yrs old or younger with at least a potential rating of 3 stars, this should narrow down their search to young talent that can be brought in. With regards to Africa I am searching what i consider to be the 12 best countries for a month each, depending on what results are shown from this i will then look to address how many countries i will search, hopefully increasing the time spent in the best outcome countries.


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