Ipswich Revolution – End of Season 3.3

Right,so ive had a month off and im back and running through pre-season slowly for season 4. So while i analyise what my team are doing i reckon i should bring you back up to date with whats been going on…

So i started my Arsenal save as i was falling out of love with Ipswich, incidentally in a parrallel universe i quit the job and went hunting, but i realised why… This is the key thing in taking any team on over a longer period than a few seasons, and i was suffering because i had lost my vision, i lost total site as to what i actually wanted to achieve here. I want to turn Ipswich into the English Barcelona or Bayern, I want so exciting posession based football that makes people smile, i want attacking football where we play in the oppositions half. I wasn’t trying to do this anymore though, i stupidly believed i was taking the team in the right direction when really i was driving them into a rut, the turning point was a 6-0 loss, in this day an age i would have sacked myself for that result, but thats what it took to make me see again. So i sped through the remainder of the season, we did pick back up in form, only to dip again…

The new season will bring lots of changes, but first here is the end of season 3.



Ipswich Town_  Transfer History-2

Fiorentina came in after his amazing start to the season and he wanted gone, simple choice when it came down to it, i’ll never be accused of holding a player back.


Ipswich Town_  Transfer History

Carrasco comes in as a younger more hungry version of De Paul, long term signing here but can play straight away and hopefully become a star.



Ipswich Town_  Senior Fixtures.png

I still cringe a bit everytime i have to look at this end to the season, but it shall serve as a reminder for what happens when you lose sight of what you’re looking for.


Barclays Premier League_ Overview Stages

So 10th is an improvement on last season, and when you think about how bad we were post December it’s really quite positive to think how well we could of done.



So next season we will switch our approach from being more cautious, to being attacking and posession hungry, we will also look for that posession to be further up the pitch, my next post will be a bit of a tactical post, then we will look at pre-season quite quickly afterwards. I may swap the order and do pre-season before the tactics,  haven’t fully decided yet. Thanks for sticking with me guys, hopefully i can break the barrier an go to the next level with this save


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