The Lads Moss FK – Beginnings

Welcome back to all those of you who joined me for my FM16 save with Ipswich, and welcome to any new followers who haven’t read my blog before. I am @FM0tter and I started blogging towards the end of FM16, due to my late start i found it hard to get into any saves as id really burned out on the game by that point, this season im looking to showcase what i can do, through my labour of love. I will be focusing on a few pieces this season, with my min save being one i intend on taking through from BETA testing till the demise of FM17 entirely.

So which lucky team gets the focus of my attention for a whole year? Well I did some soul-searching through the lowest leagues in some of the less popular leagues, when I found a team that jumped out at me in the third tier of the Norwegian leagues, that team was Moss FK, from playing in Yellow to being nicknamed “The Lads” they reminded me of my hometown team Burton Albion, top that all off with a single top flight title won in the year of my birth and I take it as a sign. Even their players fit with my favoured style… This is fate, I better make sure I deliver.

My aim with Moss FK is to turn them into the Norwegian Ajax/Barcelona/Arsenal, i want to create a team that promotes form within, that doesnt sign players where a youth players growth could be stunted, and that plays possesion football to get the job done.

I wont be rushing anything on this save, slow and steady is the name of the game, I’ll probably do a big first update at the end of season one so i can cover tactics and well basically everything, then using a end of season update every year to show you where we are.

Last but by no means least, here is the guy to take Moss to the very top

Introducing Johan Olssen…



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