The Lads Moss FK – Invincibles

Welcome back and thanks for your patience, took me a small amount of time to get through this season just because of real world commitments, anyone who follows me on twitter will know that I have been going through a job application at the moment, trying to push my career on a bit, so these updates are coming in between planning and making up presentations, anyway, lets get down to the important stuff…

So season one ended with us losing our best player and having a terrible run at the end of the season which kept us in the league for the re-structure, but killed any hope of promotion. First task of the year then was to try and build a team that wouldn’t be slaughtered by the loss of one player… Lets have a look at the transfers i used to do this…


No money spent, as if you remember we have £0 but we did some amazing business, we lost some players who were earning too much to warrant a place in the squad, we also brought in some back up players to help us through out the season.


Fredrik comes in as a handy back up to our front 3 roles, he may not start many games but his impact from the bench could be massively important.


I wasn’t overly happy with the goalkeeping performances of last year, so Forn comes in to sure up between the sticks, his age means i we go up we’ll probably be looking to replace here again, but for now he’ll do the job


Johan comes in a wise old head, his technical and mental attributes pin him as a fantastic role model for the club, he will sink into a deeper role with us, and maybe can stay for a few seasons as back up, but i couldnt turn down this deal


Markus joined us half way through the season, simply because he is a work in progress, he’s good enough to pick up some minutes this season, but his long term potential means he could play for us in the prem in years to come…


Johannes was on loan with us last year, and was one of our best players, when he came available on a free it was a no brainer


We had a big gap in AM to fill, and Mesut can fill that in a great attacking manner, he knows how to put the ball in the back of the net when it comes to getting into the box as well


Last but not least, Robert will be a started again over that front line, his movement and vision will mean that he can create as many chances as he can put away, he can be an amazing player for us if he stays fit.

As well as bolstering the squad i wanted to work on our tactical focus for the season, i like the idea of a 4-2-3-1 as it presents a good shape for bossing possession, but to work in tandem with this i have designed a 4-3-3-0 and a 3-6-1 tactic, see pictures below, i found last season that we weren’t tactically aware enough, and kept coming unstuck against teams playing 3 up top, hopefully the 3-6-1 can work on this for us.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So how did we get on? well pre-season was… interesting to say the least, i tried to mix some money fixtures with some easier ones so our moral didnt fall too much. I’ll let you be the judge of how that went…


As you can see we had a right mixed bag, but it did the trick, we had good tactical familiarity and moral didn’t look so bad come the start of the season. Next up is our cup run…


Same round as last season, it’s all the board wanted so no complaints here but maybe a future focus on the cup to increase revenue. So lets take a look at how we got on in the league, as I know its the interesting bit…



So as you may have guessed from the title of this post, we have managed to go through the entire season unbeaten, and claimed an automatic promotion place, it was an amazing season if i’m honest, i never thought we’d pull something like this off, but going into the final 8 games i went a lot more defensive than i would have normally to try and pull it off, the final game of the year was a real nail biter!! We also dominated possession this season which was amazing…


61% average possession is amazing and real moves towards what i want this team to be, camped in the opposition half and really taking the game to teams we play against.

Our top XI shows that 3 of our new signings made the main cut this year, whilst Gulsvik who was brought in last season also settled in really well, the way our front 4 are interacting really makes me happy at the minute, with Haidar roaming forwards to chip in with his fair share of goals as well. Rene is by far our most important player, his defending has been phenomenal, he’s been sweeping up behind the line, coming out as a stopper and generally pushing the team forwards form the backxi

Financially we have managed to pull the team back up to a square footing, which will be nice for the new season as it should mean we get a small budget to improve the team and make an assault on the second division. Well that was the idea, but after spending a whole year struggling to claw back half a million debt, i realise the stadium isn’t up to standard for promotion and get this message…expansion

So just a 7 million loan to pay back now… This also means that next season we sill be playing in a make shift home, this wont make next year easy, and the aim of the season will just be survival I think… Until next time, thanks for reading



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